UCSI Child Development Centre
About Us
The UCSI-Child Development Centre (UCSI-CDC) is designed with a pleasant and conducive learning environment to provide children a head-start in academic excellence and overall development. UCSI-CDC adopts an integrative learning approach using various child-focused themes, projects and activities which are tailored to the needs of each individual child.

UCSI-CDC offers interaction opportunities between teacher and child, and among the children themselves, to encourage the children in pursuing their particular interests and talents through creative, independent thinking, as well as teamwork and responsibility. Thus, children are exposed to hands-on, multi-sensory learning which incorporates a blend of teacher-directed and child-directed instructions and generated learning experiences. To ensure a child’s well-rounded development, attention is also given to their social, health, emotional growth and healthy food intake. All these have been meticulously looked into by our group of experts for the overall well-being of every child that is in UCSI-CDC.

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