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Let's practice good manners

Let's practice good manners

I know the answer

Exhibition counter (Art pieces displayed)

Art & Craft Room (children explore their creativity here)

CDC Library (Books galore!)

CDC Playground (Let's go, it's playtime!)

CDC Playground (Whee, down the chute I come!)

Storytelling session (See here!)

Concert (Pre2 Children performing an Indian dance)

Concert (Pre1 Children dancing)

Concert (Children's Choir)

Concert (Chidren singing their hearts out for Choir)

Concert (Pre2 class, Storytelling by Rana entitled Little Red Ridinghood)

Party Time (Singing together)

Party Time (The Super Duo Heroes)

Party Time (A lost Caribbean Pirate!)

Classroom Activity (Experiencing a sensory activity with my friends)

Science Class at Fun Camp (Look out, my volcano is about to erupt!)

Science Class at Fun Camp (Making a mini Karakatoa)

Master Chef checking, Is this ready...

Cooking Class (Yep, the buns are ready for the oven)

Ccooking Class (Ok, let me check if the pastry fits...)

Cooking Class (The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts...)

Ccooking Class (Waddya think of this dough... tough eh!)

Cooking Class (That's my tart, ready for its filling)

Our Baby Swimming Pool (Look, I'm a whale!)

Baby Swimming Pool (Two Little Sea Sprites)

Baby Swimming Pool (Goggles on everyone!)

Art Class at the Fun Camp

Art Class at Fun Camp (My masterpiece)

Art Class at Fun Camp (Little artist at work)

Art Class at Fun Camp (Another masterpiece!)

Gymnastics at Fun Camp (Touch my toes... ouch!)

Gymnastics at Fun Camp (Good try!)

Gymnastics at Fun Camp (...and s.t.r.e.t.c..h!)

Gymnastics at Fun Camp (Ready,heads down...)

Gymnastics at Fun Camp (Hands in the air)

Gymnastics at Fun Camp (Belly c.r.a.w.l)

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Last updated: 03 Aug 2010
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