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For current parents of UCSI CDC or parents of ex-UCSI CDC students, we welcome you to drop us a testimonial regarding your child/children's learning experience here. Kindly email us at lennypang@ucsicdc.com

~ 2011 ~

Mr & Mrs Ramesh, son in Playschool
"We have noticed positive changes in our son's social and emotional developments. His gross and fine motor skills have improved tremendously. He enjoys coming to school. The teachers at UCSI CDC serve with passion. They are able to understand parents' needs and concerns to deliver what is expected."

Mr Boyle, son in Pre-3
"Caring with a homely heart!"

Mr & Mrs Loh, son in Nursery
"The reason we chose UCSI CDC for our son is because we believe in learning thru play. The teachers always teach the children while doing activities with them. This is how nursery should be. I can see lots of improvements since he joined UCSI CDC. I am happy that my boy is happy at UCSI CDC. I would like to express my gratitude to all the teachers and staff who have helped me so much in nurturing my son into a fine boy. Thank you!"

Mr & Mrs Teo, son in Pre-3
"My son is comfortable with UCSI CDC and he has improved in his communication with the other kids."

Mr & Mrs Cheong, daughter in Pre-1
"Just after half a year at UCSI CDC, my child seems to be very happy in school as she is always looking forward to go to school, even during the holidays. She is more expressive and confident in whatever she is doing. I am proud that she is in UCSI CDC to see her continue to discover her interests."

Mr & Mrs Tah, daughter in Pre-1
"I truly appreciate the contribution and commitment of the UCSI CDC teachers during the 2011 Annual Concert. I can see my child's improvements through her participation and team work. She has improved a lot in her communication skills. She is able to interact with the others. Thanks a lot UCSI CDC."

En. & Puan Abdul Ghaffar, son in Nursery
"Anak saya bermasaalah lambat bercakap/bertutur. Tapi, semenjak anak saya Iskandar menyertai UCSI CDC, peningkatan sebutan perkataan dalam bahasa Inggeris dapat dilihat. Dari segi pergaulan, dia lebih beryakinan. Saya menghargai guru-guru yang selalu peka akan tindak-tanduk serta perlakuan anak saya. Selain memberi perhatian, guru-guru UCSI CDC juga menunjukkan sifat penyayang. Ini sangat penting buat saya dan saya menghargainya kerana sifat kasih saying ini berkesan untuk membentuk minda anak-anak. Terima kasih saya ucapkan kepada pihak UCSI CDC."

Mr & Mrs Ting, daughter in Pre-2
"My child is happy studying at UCSI CDC. She has gained confidence especially in communicating in English. I appreciate the encouragement and care given by the teachers, and also for the opportunity to perform. Keep it up!"

"I am glad that my 5 year old daughter has become more vocal and extrovert in expressing her feelings and thoughts. My 3 year old daughter is showing keen interest in reading and I will not be surprised that she'll be reading to me in due time!"

"I am pleased with the cleanliness of the school premise. The security is also properly enforced to keep the area secure."

"I am happy about the following done for my daughter: Enforcing washing of hands Security Friendly teachers Good communication with parents"

"I'm delighted at the increase communication which helped better understanding of the children and status at school."

"My appreciation to teachers who always show care and observation of the kids."

"I like the cleanliness of the school which is important for the children. As for my child, I see a lot of improvement on her which enables me to realize what she is interested in."

"I am happy with the security measures of the school."

"I am very pleased that my girl is more active and cheerful after a year of school at UCSI CDC."

"We are very pleased that UCSI CDC organized a trip to Zoo Negara. My daughter enjoyed herself very much!"

"I see improvement in my daughter's personality."

"After coming to UCSI CDC, my son was able to speak Mandarin. Now he is confident in using Mandarin with us."

~ 2010 ~

"My son's attitude has improved greatly in UCSI CDC."

"My child is happy and comfortable in UCSI CDC. She likes coming to school and her communication in English has improved a lot. I am happy that I have chosen UCSI CDC for her."

"I can see my boy becoming more independent and more willing to share with other children. He loves going to school and he wants to go to school everyday!"

"I am especially happy with the enrichment classes my child is able to join the classes without leaving the school. And the quality of the classes are very good."

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